Tracking Down Septic Problems

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Three Tips To Know Your Septic System And Prevent Serious Problems

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If you rely on a septic system for waste treatment, repairs to your system can be costly. Regular maintenance is important to ensure you do not have problems, but there are also other things that you can do to protect your home, such as map out the components of your system, inspecting for problems and landscaping that is friendly to your septic system. Here are some tips to help you know your septic system and avoid costly repairs:

1. Mapping All The Components Of Your Septic System

It is a good idea to know where your septic system is to avoid problems. You should know where the tank is and the location of the drain field. You may want to mark the area of the tank lids to make maintenance easier. You can also have risers installed to be able to easily access the tank. When you have maintenance done, you can also draw a map of the septic system and drainage for future reference, in case there is ever a problem with your septic system.

2. Avoid Overuse Of Water With Your Septic System

Overuse of water with your septic system can cause problems. The water can quickly fill the tank and cause overburden and solids to get into plumbing lines or the drain field. To prevent these problems, limit the use of appliances that use a lot of water, such as washing machines. You may also want to consider solutions like grey water irrigation, which can keep the water from appliance out of your septic tank and reduce problems with excessive water usage.

3. Planning Your Landscaping With Your Septic System In Mind

You may also want to plan your landscaping with your septic system in mind. Keep trees and plants with deep roots away from the tank and drain field. In addition, it is also important to avoid heavy loads over your septic system. This can include things like decks, patios and above ground pools that can cause damage to your septic system. Also, avoid driving over your septic system, which can cause lines to collapse and need to be replaced. You can create a landscaping design that will help to prevent these problems, such as adding a retaining wall or barrier to mark the area of the septic system.

These are some tips to help you know your septic system and avoid costly problems. If you need help with maintenance and planning of your septic system, contact a septic service company like AAA Cesspool & Rooter Service