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Pedestal Sump Pump Buyer's Guide

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With a pedestal sump pump, you are looking at a motor mounted on the shaft outside of the basin. This works best for a smaller sump pit. The repairs on a pedestal sump pump are easier because the motor is exposed, making it less difficult to get to. It is also going to be less costly than a submersible sump pump will be. The point of the pedestal is to keep the pump out of the water.

Pedestal sump pumps are in two parts, which makes it different from the submersible models. The pedestal choice is less expensive than the submersible one is and isn't going to be in danger of any water damage. They last a lot longer than a submersible sump pump does.

How do you Pick the Best One?

There are some things you need to look at when deciding the best pedestal sump pump for you. The first thing to consider is the horsepower. You need it to have enough to make sure it runs the amount of water needed to keep it flowing. More horsepower will make sure your sump pump will keep up with the work you need it to do.  Next, you want to look at what the pump is made out of. You can get them in cast iron which holds up well over time and doesn't get worn out quickly. You can also get a thermoplastic pump which isn't as durable, but less costly.

Look at Capacity

The pumping capacity of your sump pump is important. You can read the specifications to see how many gallons the pump will work with. You'll need a large enough pump for the work it has to do, and you'll want to make sure it's the right head height.

Head height is the height that the pump has to pump up the water. So you will want to know the depth of your pit to make sure you have the correct height. For example, a zero head height means you're pumping below ground level which won't really help you.

The Sump Pump Switches

The switch that operates the pump is important because it turns it on at the right time. A tethered float switch can get filled with water, and they can sink which means they won't work. Vertical floats are the ones that work the best because they are encased in a cage or plastic that protects them.

The Sump Pump Filtration

The filtering system is one of the most important parts of the pedestal sump pump. If you don't have a good filter then rocks and other debris can get into the pump and jam it up.  A larger surface area for the filter is the best bet for a sump pump to make sure it keeps things out that shouldn't be there. If you look out for these things then you should be able to pick out the best sump pump for your home.

For more about this topic, consult a septic tank company in your area.