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Use A Septic Tank? How To Stop Inappropriate Items From Going In It

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When a septic tank is working perfectly, it's a part of your home that you do not even think about. Unfortunately, all it takes is some people in your household being irresponsible to cause a problem that requires professional help. There are things that should never go down your drains and reach the septic tank. Here are some ways that you can stop that from happening.

Put Child Proof Locks On Your Toilet Seats

If you have a toddler running around your house, they can flush things down the toilet that don't belong there. They don't view the toilet and your septic tank as an essential part of your home's plumbing, but a toy that allows things to disappear when they put them in the bowl and pull on the handle.

Plastic toys, diapers, clothing, and other unusual items will clog your septic tank, preventing it from breaking down waste inside the tank naturally. The best way to prevent this from happening is to install childproof locks on your toilet seats. If your toddler is unable to lift up the toilet seat, it will prevent inappropriate items from reaching your septic tank.

Do Not Purchase Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

You want your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets to be clean and sparkly, but you'll need to watch what chemicals you are cleaning them with. A septic tank actually thrives on bacteria to work properly, with existing bacteria assisting in breaking down the new solid waste that enters the tank. If you have anti-bacterial cleaners and harsh chemicals that you exclusively use in your home, they will potentially kill the bacteria in the septic tank once they get inside it.

The best way to prevent these cleaners from reaching the septic tank is to not buy them. By keeping them out of your home, you'll not have to worry about people using them too much when cleaning.

Collect Grease In A Container

Not only is grease from cooking bad for your plumbing, but it can cause problems with your septic tank. Grease does not easily break down, and actually hardens when it comes in contact with water. If you designate a container in your kitchen for collecting grease so that it doesn't go down the drain, you'll avoid it finding its way into the septic tank.

When you do run into a problem where the septic tank is not breaking down waste, contact a septic tank servicing contractor in your area, like Goodman Septic Services, to help.