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Why Preventative Maintenance Is Good For A Main Sewer Line

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Do you ever consider investing in preventative maintenance for your plumbing system? You might want to start paying a professional to clean the main sewer line out sometimes so you can avoid having to deal with numerous plumbing problems. Take a look at the information in this article to discover why preventative maintenance is ideal for the main sewer line to your house.

1. An Invasion of Tree Roots

Being that the main sewer line is buried deep within the ground, you can never tell if tree roots are growing inside of it until plumbing problems occur. You must understand that tree roots can continue to grow until they cause the sewer line to collapse. You would have to get the pipe replaced if it is damaged beyond repair, which means that you can also experience landscape damage if excavation becomes necessary. However, getting the main sewer line occasionally cleaned for preventative maintenance will prevent tree roots from invading it to the point of destruction.

2. A Blockage from Dirt

Dirt can accumulate in the main sewer line in a few different ways. One of the ways that dirt gets into a main sewer line is from water picking up dirt in the gutter lines. Preventative maintenance should be done for the gutter lines because it will also benefit the main sewer line. If there are cracks in the main sewer line, it can also lead to dirt coming in. Once dirt accumulates in the sewer line for a long time, it can then create a blockage that interferes with the plumbing system in your house. A sewer service will be able to use commercial equipment that can break up dirt so sewerage can freely flow through the sewer line.

3. Clogs from Drained Grease

Backed up plumbing pipes from grease being poured in sink drains can be difficult to fix without professional assistance. If you are in the habit of pouring grease down your kitchen sink drain, investing in preventive maintenance for the main sewer line is wise. Even if you have not had a problem with the grease backing up your plumbing system, it does not mean that the grease is not accumulating in the main sewer line. Once the grease accumulates enough, it can create a blockage in the sewer line. Make an appointment with a sewer company so a professional can clean out the main sewer line before problems arise with your plumbing system. Click here for more information.