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Thinking About Buying A Home In Rural Territory? 3 Things To Know About Septic Systems

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After living in the city for most of your life, it is easy to think that living anywhere else is similar, if not the same. But, buying a house in rural territory naturally leads to unique characteristics. Most of these homes have septic systems because there is not city water being supplied to them. This means you will have to maintain the water system on your own if you expect to get fresh and clean water on a daily basis. It is essential to understand a few things about these systems before you consider putting offers on homes.

Septic Systems Do Not Last Forever

Although you may think that once a septic system is installed, it is good to go forever, this is not the case. Steel septic tanks last around 15 to 20 years, and concrete ones can last four decades or longer. But, this all comes down to how well the system is maintained throughout the years. If you intend on living in the home forever, you should take a look at how old the system is to figure out your future expenses. If you are not ready to handle a major expense in the next few years, you may want to skip certain properties.

The Right Size for the Home

Another detail that you will want to consider is the size of the septic tank. You do not want to buy a home that can cause you potential problems by not having enough time for draining to happen properly. The standard rule to follow is 150 gallons for each bedroom, then multiplied by 2. A three-bedroom house needs 900 gallons, while a five-bedroom house should have a 1,500-gallon septic tank. If you intend on adding another bedroom to the house, you will want a tank that already exceeds the minimum.

Understanding Septic Problems

When looking at a house to potentially buy, you want to stay away from failing systems. While you will not be able to do the most thorough check without ownership, you can still gain valuable information. Toilets or drains that have an off-putting color or scent is one sign of a septic problem. If these parts are also not draining as quickly as you are accustomed to in the city, you could have an issue on your hands.

Before diving into rural life and a home with a septic system, you should know what to expect to avoid purchasing a house that is going to plague you with expensive problems for years to come. Contact a company like Linn Septic Service for more info.