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The Cleaning Problems That Can Cause Your Septic System Overburden Problems

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Cleaning your home is something that you do on a routine basis, but you may not know that some of the products you use can be giving your septic system problems. A good example of this is bleach that can kill off bacteria, lead to septic overburden, and make you need to have your tank pumped sooner than later. In addition to bleach, there are other products that can lead to a full tank. Here are some of the cleaning problems that lead to a full septic tank:

1. Bleach And Common Cleaning Products That Damage Septic System Health

Bleach is one of the commonly mentioned products that kill bacteria in septic systems. Other cleaners like ammonia can also contribute to these problems, but there are septic friendly solutions that can work just as well for your cleaning. You may want to consider natural cleaners like backing soda and vinegar. In addition, if you do buy commercial cleaners, look at the ingredients and label to make sure that they are septic-safe products.

2. Personal Hygiene Products That Can Lead To Problems With The Septic Tank

You may have heard not to flush hygiene products down the toilet, but there are also things like soaps and shower gels that can be hard on the system. The modern gels and soaps with scents have high amounts of alcohol and other chemicals that can kill off bacteria in a tank. Consider using products that have natural ingredients and that are alcohol-free. This can help reduce the amount of chemicals in the septic tank that kill off the healthy bacteria.

3. Your Home Appliances May Be Contributing To The Cleaning That Kills Septic Tank Bacteria

Appliances can also be a big contributor to chemicals in your tank, especially if you have a large family. If you do a load of laundry almost every day, consider using natural detergents when doing the clothes. In addition, do not use the cleaners for the machines that have harsh chemicals, such as those that are used to remove mineral build up. Instead, use natural products that are less of a burden on your septic system. Many stores carry detergents and cleaners that are meant to be safe for septic systems.

These are some of the cleaning problems that can lead to a full septic tank. There is no need to change your cleaning routines, but you may want to consider changing the products you use. You can contact a septic pumping service, such as Onsite Portable Toilets & Septic, to clean your tank if it has become full quickly due to low bacteria levels.