Tracking Down Septic Problems

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Plumbing Not Moving Waste Properly? Your Septic Lift Pump Could Be Compromised

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If your home's plumbing system isn't moving waste out of the home properly, you could have a clog or mechanical problem in your septic system's lift pump. Your lift pump can stop working and allow waste to back up inside your plumbing pipes or spill out of your septic tank. You can repair your septic lift pump with this information.

Why Did Your Lift Pump Stop Working?

Homes placed on high ground, such as a hill or raised plot of land, usually require a traditional septic system to remove waste from them. Traditional septic systems allow waste to flow downward beneath the ground instead of upward or straight across. But homes that sit lower than their septic tanks require a lift pump to remove waste from them. Sometimes, pumps fail from mechanical errors or clogs. 

A damaged or clogged lift pump won't have enough power to move waste from the septic tank once it enters the system. If you don't have a backup system attached to your lift pump, waste will eventually push back into your house, or it will spill out of the tank. 

Although you can work on your lift pump yourself, you want to contact a septic service contractor instead. A contractor can find out why your pump failed or clogged up and repair it.

What Should You Do About Your Lift Pump?

There are different types of septic lift pumps homeowners use today. Because of this, you pump may require different tests or parts to repair or unclog it. Also, your lift pump may have affected your septic tank's ability to hold or convey waste. A contractor can inspect every part of your septic system during the repairs. 

If your lift pump is damaged, a contractor may replace it. If the pump is only clogged with waste, a contractor will clean it. A contractor may also pump out your septic tank to ensure that the problem doesn't reoccur in the near future. Septic tanks can experience a host of issues over the years, including wear and tear. If your tank is compromised by something, it can cause your entire system to fail.

After services, protect your lift pump from future issues by having your septic tank pumped on a regular schedule. A contractor will generally advise you on the best time to pump out your septic tank. 

If you need help with septic pumping, contact a contractor and schedule services today.