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Providing Portable Restroom Facilities For Your Outdoor Event

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Portable restroom facilities can be essential for those hosting outdoor events. While these toilets are common, there are many considerations that go overlooked when individuals are researching using these services for the first time.

Determine Whether To Opt For Portable Toilets Or Full Portable Restrooms

It is often assumed that the only portable toilet options will be individual toilet stalls. While these are among the most economical and space efficient options, they can be extremely spartan. For individuals that are wanting to provide more comfortable toilet facilities for their guests, it is possible to rent portable restrooms. These facilities will offer many more of the amenities that individuals may want in their restroom. For example, it is often possible for these portable restrooms to have running water, power and air conditioning systems. These facilities are more expensive, but they can be ideal for those that are needing to provide these facilities for formal events.

Ensure There Are Handicap Accessible Toilets Available

It is important to be mindful of the needs of any handicapped individuals that may be attending your event. To this end, there are portable toilets that are designed to be easily accessible to these individuals. When positioning these toilets, you will also want to be sure that they are located in areas that can be traversed by wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Otherwise, the individuals that need use these toilets may not be able to reach them. In addition to being the ethical thing to do, providing handicap restroom facilities can also be a legal requirement for those hosting public events, and you will want to avoid violating this regulation as it could result in legal action.

Be Prompt When Reserving The Portable Restrooms

When organizing these events, individuals can make the mistake of waiting to reserve their portable toilets. This can be a costly mistake as these services can quickly become extremely busy. Those that will be hosting events in areas that are frequently the site of major festivals can find that it may be extremely difficult to reserve these facilities if they wait too long. For the best results, individuals should reserve their portable restroom rental at the same time that they reserve their venue.

Whenever you are organizing a large outdoor event, effectively managing the restroom facilities will be a critical logistical challenge. Avoiding the mistake of overlooking or otherwise taking the logistics of this process for granted will help to reduce some common problems that could ruin the experience of your guests.