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3 Essential Reasons To Have Portable Toilets At Your Next Outdoor Event

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Are you currently making plans for an outdoor event of some kind? Have you been trying to decide whether or not it's worth it to rent toilets for your guests to use? In an effort to save money, you may be thinking that you can simply skip this rental and put the funds towards something else. While it's technically true that you could use the funds for other things, having toilets available for your guests is important for a variety of reasons. Some of the biggest reasons why you should be renting these toilets are as follows:

More facilities: No matter where you're having your outdoor event, if you're expecting more than a handful of guests then it's unlikely that there will be enough permanent restrooms available for their use. Parks may only have a single outdated facility while something like a street fair may not have any friendly businesses nearby that will allow your guests to use their restroom facilities. With portable toilets, you are guaranteed to have a certain number of facilities available for your guests to use. This will enable your guests to avoid long lines and to spend more time actually enjoying the event you've been working so hard on.

Cleaner facilities: Existing public restroom facilities are often dirty and/or damaged as a result of daily use and the actions of vandals. A facility with 3 stalls may only have one stall that is suitable for use while the others are covered in toilet paper and unmentionable substances. These facilities may only be cleaned and restocked once a week, further compounding the problem. Portable toilets, on the other hand, are always cleaned out thoroughly after use and are restocked before they are sent out again. The net result is facilities that are much more pleasant to use than the existing permanent ones.

Better accessibility: Despite it being a legal requirement to provide equal access to those who have limited mobility, many facilities simply don't have the funds to put in all of the necessary renovations to make things truly accessible. For instance, existing facilities may be at the top of a hill that is difficult or impossible to access for people using mobility aids. But with portable toilets, not only can you put them in locations that everyone can get to but you can also get units that can be used even by guests in wheelchairs. This will allow even more people to be able to partake in and enjoy your event. 

If you're planning an outdoor event, be sure to rent some portable toilets to help make the experience much more convenient and enjoyable for your guests.